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One day I noticed my 14-year-old daughter had put a bandaid over her laptop’s camera. She said that she learned at school that this was the best way to make sure no one was able to see her if her camera was hacked. So here we are with the most advanced technologies in our hands and we’re putting bandaids over them to make sure they are secure. I’ve worked on some of the most advanced state security teams for over 20 years and yet my family and our home are totally susceptible to hacks and breaches of privacy. Smart home technology is advancing so quickly and everything is becoming connected that it’s now our responsibility to ensure that we’re secure. But a bandaid isn’t going to get the job done. That’s why I made Dojo.
Dojo secures your home network making sure your home network is protected from any cyber threats. It protects anything that is on the IP Network at home by stopping viruses, hackers and malware before it can even get to any devices thereby protecting all of the things that are connected to it. Dojo was developed over the last year when Yossi Atias had an idea came across his daughters laptop with a band-aid over it. She said it was sick and Yossi had the idea to solve this huge problem for everyone but by doing it at the network level it protects everything including all the connected stuff we now have in our homes that creates the massive threat surface. Dojo basically makes your connected home disappear from the web.
With the advancement of the connected smart home, rises the possibilities of threats coming from those connecting things... dojo is here to help! @riptari wrote an article about dojo on TechCrunch here
Very neat concept. In today's age everything is somehow connected, yet we can sometimes forget that a fault in one can result in a long-lasting domino effect in the entire network. Does the Dojo utilize systematic check-ups on the network? Or does it maintain an active/"live" status checker of the network?
@haidersyed dojo constanly checks the home network and all its connected devices. every single session conducted by any connected device is inspected in real time.
To state the obvious to us, we need some sales so don't be shy. Pre-order. Thanks for all comments and to the good folks at product hunt.