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An easy way to set reminders

#5 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2016
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@_jacksmith thanks for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters! It’s David Co-Founder of Zenbot, today we are excited to launch one of our Bots powered by the technology of DOit Bot allows you to create reminders through messengers in an easy way, no commands, no settings, only text your message and set the time. Is not only a simple bot, is the simplest way to create your daily agenda! The main focus is to increase your productivity without any commands. We believe that simple things can resolve problems :) We are starting our journey and your feedback is more than welcome! Happy to answer any questions here or you can reach me directly at QUICK FAQ:
Simple, easy to use and with a clear objective in mind. I really like this idea and the way how it was developed; I've been using this bot for a while and helps me a lot when you need a quick reminder about something and you don't want to use a to-do app. Besides, it's free, no need to install extra things and it works great.
Hey @germancastano! Thanks for your feedback! Did you created a shortcut on Facebook Messenger?
Awesome bot! Good luck with the Hunt today!
This might actually be great... As much as I love asana's redesign, I can't actually bring myself to go into the app to task manage, so this could... this could be great. Testing on all apps this week! Kudos team @zenbotorg @_jacksmith
@elizabethhunker thanks for your feedback! For Facebook messenger you can create a shortcut, I know you will like it :)
Just a passing comment - I'd ask for some input on the grammar on the site - sentences don't quite make sense :)
@bentossell Hey Ben, we are working on that!
@bentossell There are *LOTS* of sites/apps that could use this. I've often wondered.... is there is service that provides this service?
@bentossell yep, there is our saas solution for task scheduling (NLP driven) and we will publish it soon )) hope you will like it )