Doing Your Business with Matt Hartman - Season 1 Preview

A tech VC learns about profitable non-tech businesses

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Hey product hunters. I'm really excited to share the preview of my new podcast, where I learn about profitable businesses outside of tech, not funded by venture capital. Here's a preview of the first season, where I interview a furniture manufacturer whose first corporate customer was the Four Seasons; a wine maker whose wine was just ranked in the top 100 in the world; the producer of a hit broadway show; a company that operated for 28 years before being acquired; and the owner of a gift shop that has become an institution in Washington, DC. Please let me know any thoughts you have. You can subscribe here:
@matthartman Yes! So glad to see this up now :) Happy Friday. Look forward to following this series
@matthartman excited to listen to this!
@bentossell @alexcartaz thanks so much. i was going to wait until the new year, but apple approved it and advice from @albtweetin was just to get it out there (her actual advice included more profanity though...) hope you all like it!
@matthartman @bentossell @alexcartaz ...just a fun little phrase I picked up at betaworks ;) But in all seriousness, Matt's put together some great interviews for this podcast series. I've gotten the sneak peak at some episodes and excited to hear the final interview with the furniture maker--super interesting story there.
@matthartman this is awesome!! can't wait to listen this weekend :)))
@matthartman super, super needed, this focus on "normal" entrepreneurship is (sorry, Star Wars came out today). This is really timely as "startup" media is getting a bit out of control and people focus on the sexy-ness way too much. Your weekly product roundup livecast is great and this is a natural extension. Really looking forward to this (especially the broadway show interview)!
@playswithfood glad you think there's a need for it also. yeah, the broadway show interview was especially interesting to me because they totally think of a show as a product much the same way we do in tech.
Really excited to hear this, congrats Matt!
@mignano thanks mike, and thanks for all your input on the podcast along the way!
@matthartman congrats! I subscribed on iTunes... looking forward to the first episode. Check out the company called The Giving Keys, could be a good company for you to feature. They are doing very well (no VC) and Caitlin Crosby is one of my best friends, I can intro you if interested. She's awesome and the company has a great story.
@justinspraggins thanks! i'll take a look at The Giving Keys, thanks for the suggestion!
@matthartman absolutely loved this and so pleased to see it live! Very proud moment and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
@harrystebbings thanks so much harry. your advice on which podcast software was really helpful :)