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My boyfriend and I host on DogVacay. We started because we love dogs, but don't want to own any right now, and were looking for a way to "rent" them. And they pay us ;) One thing I've noticed about DogVacay vs. other collaborative economy marketplaces is they don't seem to be on the hosts' side of things. For example, they take their cut out of the host's fee (whereas AirBnB adds their fee on top of the host's). They weren't helpful when we had a bad experience with a dog that ruined our furniture (we had to buy a new couch!). And they don't seem to encourage community/conversation among hosts, like Lyft does. Despite that, it's a cool way to connect dog-loving people in urban areas with noncommittal lifestyles to people who need a dog sitter.
@nayafia Hey Nadia. From your comment I suggest you check out Dogtime Community. It seems like it would be a great fit for what you were looking for. And wether or not you own a dog now (almost 4 years later), you should find it helpfull! Check it out and let me know your thoughts :