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At first I thought this was a dog-tracking app, and was very confused when I didn't see any collars or chips, but I actually think the dog CARE tracking that this app provides is even more helpful. They always say, "it takes a village" to raise a baby, and to be frank, it takes a lot to raise puppies too! This is a great communication tool to provide insight into care for your pets, and allow the other people in your life to contribute clearly.
@katesegrin Glad you're loving the product Kate--we totally think the same way. We want to help all dog owners communicate and coordinate better so their dogs get the best care they deserve--it takes a village to raise a dog too! :)
Hey hunters, Ben here, Founder of DogSync. I'm super excited to be launching on Product Hunt. It all started a few years ago when we brought our little Winston home and found ourselves constantly asking each other "did you feed the dog?" or "did you walk the dog?" not to mention cleaning up all the accidents when we didn't get an answer in time. We made DogSync to help groups of people like families or roommates who take care of a dog together communicate what was done and ask for help in seconds. We do this using a simple set of buttons for our daily dog tasks. Instead of having to send mass texts or call, you just tap walk and everyone gets notified right away and the info goes in a shared timeline for reference. There is a lot more to discover in the app, but we would love to hear all your questions and feedback as we craft the future of digital tools for dog owners. Reply to me here or email me at
@benjaminsyne Love this concept! As a new "dog parent" I could definitely use some assistance with staying on top of and sharing responsibilities to take care of my girl :) Looking forward to checking you guys out!
@robcromer thanks for the kind words Rob. I'd love to hear how your experience is and how you think it can be improved!
@benjaminsyne Great launch! Any plans to integrate features geared towards the pet's medical needs? Potential to integrate veterinary reminders? My wife and I still use Google Calendar for most of our check-up and vaccination reminders (which we need to input manually) and periodic reminders like monthly Heartworm medicine day and seasonal anti-flea/tick medicine day. Keep up the great work!
@paul_hq Shameless plug, we get your official medical records with the Pawprint app and send you updates, you can set reminders as well.
Beautiful design too
@liamswl thanks! How to did you discover us?
@benjaminsyne StartupFest in Montreal this summer I believe. and worked on a project recently with Adam Dahan. I think he worked with you guys early on right?
Kickass team. Super useful product. I just adopted a shiba inu puppy and this app basically gave me a roadmap to getting a happy, healthy and obedient dog. :-)
@eyaltoledano thanks for the kind words! Shibas are some very cute dogs. Let us know what other features you would like to see.
Hate to be that guy, but could you add a direct link to download the app on your home page? I had to go to the FAQ to get an app store link.
@wahoo Hey Evan, thanks for bringing this up! No need to be shy, it helps us a lot--we're still trying to figure out how best to bring people to the app. Just to clarify, are you looking for a link directly to the app store even when you're on desktop/PC? Our links should be set up right now to redirect you to the app store if you're on iOS and to text you a link if you're on desktop/PC. We could implement a third button in our header that would go directly to the app store no matter what and name it "Go to the app store".
@rogerh1991 thanks for the reply! you've got it exactly right. I've got iTunes set up to sync app downloads, so a download on my computer will auto-download an app to my phone as well. (plus, all good intentions aside, I don't like indiscriminately giving out my phone number). although I might be the only person who prefers it this way :)
@wahoo I've made a note of it in my Asana--I'll probably get to putting the button in tomorrow. You're not the first one to bring it up actually, but you are the one who has made me actually do something about it :P Thanks for the feedback!