Tinder for dogs

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Hello and @proffi, thank you very much for featuring us! DOGLAR is the place where all dog owners can explore the dogs and dog owners around them. We want to support the dog community by offering them a nice, catchy and super easy Tinder-like way to establish first interactions and then - to simply walk their dogs together and share valuable information between them about raising happy and healthy dogs :) We are supporting the community in more ways such as listing the dog friendly places (restaurants, bookstores, co-working places, etc.) where they are always welcome with their best friends, organizing walks, campaigns and in the future - alerts and news about important dog topics. We are starting off from Bulgaria, Sofia now and since it's location based app we will be expanding city by city so if you download the app and see just a few people around you - don't be mad at us, this probably means that we haven't come to your city, yet ;) But in this case you can always invite a friend and support us at building the community in your city and this way - help us choose your city as our next location to put our efforts in. Our motto is #letsbarktogether so... Let's! :) All comments, suggestions and feedback is more than welcome and thank you so much for it!
I wish there was something similar that focused on finding dog walking buddies and didn't have the dating aspect. So tired of so many dating apps...
@joelle_writes This app is for dog walikg buddies. Thats why it has the dog's name and breed + owner. So they can connect and walk together.
@proffi right, according to the description though you can also use the app to find dates with other humans which has put me off using the app. Once dating is introduced into a community it changes the dynamic dramatically.
@joelle_writes if you say so :)
@joelle_writes, thank you for your comment. Our main purpose is to support dog owners in meeting each other especially for the sake of the dog - so that their best friends find more friends and their owners can share valuable information between each other and share their passion for their pets. We do our very best to keep the focus on the dogs. You are very right that if dating is introduced the behavior is different so if you have any suggestions for us how to communicate it better so that this factor is out of our reach, but still keep the aspect of people with same interests meeting each other in order to create better and stronger communities, this would be great! :)
@joelle_writes this actually seems to be a dating app, wrapped in a new smart way :)
So... Are we supposed to... buy the dogs?
@tapefinder no you find dog walking buddy
@proffi @tapefinder That isn't clear at all. "Tinder for dogs" makes it sound almost like an app for humans to date dogs.
@eitan_rosenberg @tapefinder can't change it so that's that :)
Great not only do I have to put up with watching everyone I know constantly swiping on Tinder, my ruddy dogs gonna be at it next too ;)
@pavlinadesheva Nice Idea!! I've added Doglar to "Inspiring Female Founders" collection! πŸ’ƒπŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»