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Honestly, I don't know how I feel about this product. My gut says that it might be a better idea to leave your furry friend at home where they feel safe than putting them in a strange box filled with the scents of many other dogs. It's not actually the size of the box that bothers me (after all, most dogs find being in their kennel to be a safe and reassuring experience, like being in their "den") but I just don't have enough information. For example, my 75lb lab couldn't fit in that box. Is it only for small dogs right now? How can you be SURE that other owners have had their dogs vaccinated? They say they're cleaned once a day, but what if there's an accident as you go to use it? Are the boxes heated? Cooled? It seems frivolous. Let me know what you folks think.
@veronica Yeah this is sketchy - it's not so much the box as it is the potential to spread disease. If it worked like those fancy NYC public bathrooms that clean themselves after every use I'd feel a lot more comfortable about it. In the meantime I'll just leave my dog at home if we're going shopping.
@veronica Founder of Dog Parker here. Happy to answer your questions. As this is a first-of-its-kind service, you can imagine we get a lot of valid questions and we love explaining our service. We totally agree that most of the time, it will still make sense to leave your dog at home. Dog Parker is a service for those moments when you have your dog with you and need to stop inside a store where they aren't allowed. Or those days when they can be with you for most of the day except a small portion and you'd rather have them with you, leading an active life instead of cooped up at home all day. It's a safer alternative to tying them up to a pole outside (for many reasons beyond theft), which is a habit we see far too often here in NYC because there is not a good solution for urban pet parents. The (small) Dog Parker in the picture is indeed way too small for your 75lb furbaby. He would fit well inside our large Dog Parker. We have small, medium, and large Dog Parkers in the field currently and encourage our members to use the smallest size that comfortably fits their dog as dogs prefer a 'den-like' environment. The houses are temperature controlled (insulated, and have cooling fans and pads for summer months) and temperature monitored. We have webcams too. We ensure vaccinations by asking for vaccinations records before membership cards are mailed out. And as far as accidents, dogs don't tend to 'go' where they are enclosed. But if that should happen some day, we have a 24/7 customer service line and the ability to remotely shut down the house until it is cleaned. In three months of the service, no accidents to report, just happy storeowners and members. Thanks for your questions!
@veronica I think a mobile app would be well suited for this concept so you could report incidents such as an accident and take photos of the vaccination certificates.
@lonseidman @veronica Your dog is more likely to catch a disease at a dog park than in a Dog Parker as they are single-occupancy. But to your point, we are already testing self-cleaning technology for future Dog Parkers, and while likely overkill, might give anxious dog owners peace of mind.
@askdaylen @veronica workin' on it ;) also to call "dibbs" on the house before you arrive
Some media links for you all to get a better idea of the service: NY Post: Bark Post: Good Day New York:
We had no idea we would be on Product Hunt today! What a nice surprise. Now that I've had a chance to respond to my early commenters, here's a little bit about us :) I'm a dog owner in Brooklyn. I grew up with rescue dogs my whole life in Charlotte, NC and finally got one of my own, Winston, when I moved to NYC. And boy! Having a dog in NYC is so much different than having a dog in NC. So I built Dog Parker for people like me: urban pet parents. We are people who live in walkable cities and neighborhoods and love to take our dogs out and about with us: the city is their suburban backyard equivalent! We go to dog parks, use dog walkers and doggie daycare sometimes, and generally like to lead active lifestyles with our dogs. So many places don't allow dogs inside so it's a constant battle of planning your day around errands, leaving your dog at home for long, unwanted periods of time when otherwise they could have been with you for 95% of your day, or, for some people, running the risk of tying your dog up outside for a moment. Dog Parker is building more livable cities for dogs and their owners so you can have your dog with you before, after, and in-between all your errands.
Why leave your dogs at home for free when you can pay money to lock them up inside this box?!!! For only $12 an hour, you too can lock your dog up into a tiny box while you go inside climate controlled, comfortable buildings without them. I wonder how this does legally. In many states, you can legally break a dog out of a car on a hot day. Their FAQ says they are cooled, and will lock out appointments if the box is over 85 degrees, but what if you put your dog in when it's 83 degrees inside the box, then it keeps going up ?
@vacord Hi there! We have no had an incident where the Dog Parkers have risen above our safe temperatures, but should that happen, we text the member to let them know and ensure their dog is taken out before the temperature rises. We have the ability to remotely take the houses offline for the day. We have an amazing field team and maintenance team locally. Dog Parkers are a safe alternative to leaving your dog inside the car.
Not a chance I'd leave my dog in there. Dogs who are kennel trained are comfortable in their own dens, but as @veronica suggested, a box filled with the scent of other dogs is not the same thing. I think this idea needs some serious customer research.
@robmillis @veronica We talked to hundreds of dog owners one on one before developing the service and because the media loves to cover us :) we have gotten over 40k indirect pieces of feedback and research in the last 3 months. We love it!