Dog Identifier

Intelligent dog breed identifier 🐶

Dog Identifier- Dog ID Camera is the best dog breed identifier on the App Store. Using new IOS 11 technology like Vision and Core ML, this free app can instantly identify over 120 different dog breeds.

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Great concept! Just wondering how the results will be if you have a mixed breed dog?
@adam_gasiewski What a neat idea can't wait to try it out in my local park 🌳
@abadesi That's a great location for this app!
@agreenwaldhq I'm sorry to hear that. I'm working on including the top 3 results from the model to improve accuracy. The model I'm using has a top-5 accuracy of 7.8%, so including the top 3 results would greatly improve the chances of returning the correct breed.
Ha ha didn’t expect it!! Good idea!
Not hot dog v2!