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Temporarily save your tabs to declutter your browser

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Johan Le Bray@johan_le_bray · Full Stack Developer, Shopmium
This looks pretty similar to OneTab What's new in it?
Henry LewisMaker@hjylewis · Creator of Dog Ear
@johan_le_bray Since similar products exist, it comes down to differences in interface design and personal preference to determine which tab saving app is right for you. For me, I found all the alternatives undesirable and created Dog Ear with a simple and intuitive design. And since this is something you have to see everytime you open a new tab, I wanted to develop something that looked nice while also made saving and reopening tabs as simple and easy-to-use as possible.
Patrick White@patwhite · SF Entrepreneur
Love the name!
Henry LewisMaker@hjylewis · Creator of Dog Ear
Hey everyone! Thanks @bramk for hunting Dog Ear. Find yourself with too many tabs open? Keep them open so you don't lose the page? I often wished there was a way to save tabs so that I could close them. But, I was tired of organizing and managing bookmarks and was worried that I would forget about them once they were closed. I built Dog Ear because I needed something that saved my place on the web while also being more temporary than a bookmark. Dog Ear is a Chrome extension for those, like me, who want to keep track of web pages while also keeping their browser decluttered. With it, you can store and close your tabs so that they can be easily reopened when you are ready. While similar products exist, I found them over-stuffed and complicated. With Dog Ear’s straightforward design, the focus is making saving and reopening tabs as simple and easy-to-use as possible. Saved tabs are removed when they are reopened so your Dog Ear session stays nice and tidy (no more organizing and managing bookmarks). Plus, Dog Ear displays your save tabs every time you open a new tab so there’s no worry that you’ll forget! With no extra account or sign up needed, the tabs you save on Dog Ear are automatically synced with your Google account so that they appear on your Chrome sessions on every computer. Excited to be hunted and look forward to hearing your feedback!
Marvin L Eason@dreighen · Entrepreneur, Front End Dev, UX
As Johan said OneTab exist and I personally use it religiously. What am I wondering if you have implemented (if it's even possible) that OneTab doesn't is the ability to search for duplicate links that you've saved over time so you can delete them and to be able to categorize links under a specific subject?
Henry LewisMaker@hjylewis · Creator of Dog Ear
@dreighen Actually auto-organization is something I placed an emphasis on with Dog Ear. When you save a tab that already has been saved, the old tab will be deleted so that there are NEVER any duplicate links. As for categorizing tabs under subjects, that's something I want to implement in a later version.
Marvin L Eason@dreighen · Entrepreneur, Front End Dev, UX
@hjylewis awesome to hear, thanks for the response. I'll check it out then!