Dog Assistant

Potty train your puppy

Dog Assistant - Activity Log allows you to stay updated on what your dog is up to, whether sleeping, walking, peeing, pooping, eating or anything else you wish to track. Create alerts to remind you of your dog's needs. You can even invite others to work together and chat with you to ensure your dog or dogs are well taken care of!

Hi ProductHunt! Thank you for checking out my project! I created Dog Assistant because of my troubles with potty training my own puppy. The app allows you to easily collaborate with your dog's pack to ensure that your dog is being properly taken care of. You can log events, create a schedule, create alerts, and chat with your pack to keep everyone updated about the last time your dog went to the bathroom, walked, ate, slept, and much more!
But how to potty train, didn't show on the screenshot.
@huangdun The log allows you to keep track of when your dog drinks/eats/etc, so you have an idea of when your puppy needs to go to the bathroom. For example, if you see that your dog ate at 2:00pm, you know that you're most likely going to have to take your dog out in 20 minutes at 2:20pm. By keeping track of your dog's activity, you can figure out the best times to take your dog out.
Looks great !! But no explainer video on this !!
@ayush_chandra Working on an app preview video :)