Dofollow Link Checker

Check if a post provides dofollow or nofollow links

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Quickly check if a given article or blog post provides nofollow or dofollow links so you can focus your link building efforts on the ones that offer dofollow links for the highest SEO impact.
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Tamas Torok
Tamas TorokMaker@torok_tomi · Marketer | Maker 📰 | Indie Author📚
Hey PH 👋 I’m doing a challenge this year, I’m learning to code and planning to build 10 products this year. More on this on my blog where I share everything: This is the 3rd product I built which was much harder than I expected, but here is the first beta version. Story 📖 I scratched my own itch and built a simple SEO tool that scrapes any articles, looking for nofollow links. It’s pretty helpful if you’re looking for your next guest blogging opportunities since you can check if a given article of a website provides dofollow or nofollow links. So you can focus on the ones that provide dofollow links for higher SEO impact. It’s a pretty early version but wanted to show others to get some feedback and set the next steps for the app.
Rahul@rahulseo · Indian Hustler and a Digital Marketer
Well.. gud one. but it doesn't explore the links... Is that right?
Tamas Torok
Tamas TorokMaker@torok_tomi · Marketer | Maker 📰 | Indie Author📚
@rahulseo It actually scrapes the links, but only tells the number of nofollow links on that page. Would it be better to list the links?