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It doesn't help, if it was leaked. But thanks anyway :)
@verkalets Well, We could at least find out if we have to change our password for a particular site. And it's always a good idea to change the password now and then, regardless of data leak or not. So it won't hurt to change it again just to make sure :) Also, There's no real way to know if the data was leaked from a site due to CloudBleed or not. Only CloudFlare can maybe give us the proper list of sites whose data was leaked but they won't, and I don't think anyone can be so sure about the leak either. P.S. No problem and thanks for your comment :)
@irazasyed nearly every state in the US has breach notification laws. They are legally obligated to inform their customers if data was leaked. If they don't they are likely to be sued by, at least, some state's attorney generals.
@cpaprogrammer Interesting. Good law 👍🏻
Find out if a website uses Cloudflare and possibly affected by CloudBleed. If the site was using Cloudflare, private data on it might have been leaked since 2016-09-22! More information on CloudBleed - https://blog.cloudflare.com/inci...
I totally get why this is interesting, but without a full understanding of what is admittidly a serious leak, this is just going to scare people
haha) Right in time.
@perpetuous I know right. I thought to create such kinda tool but by the time I started it, someone already made it..haha
Turns out Product Hunt uses cloudflare.