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Hey - I was fortunate enough to get some sample test bags from their Kickstarter that just went live. Really like the concept, and surprisingly have to admit that their coffee is top notch. These guys allow anyone to create their own custom roasted coffee. They allow customers to control the entire roasting process from selecting the origins of the beans to controlling the grind settings, all from your smartphone. And for those who use a Keurig or Nespresso machine, DOERS will package your custom coffee in pods or capsules.... Pretty neat.
Neat idea. Are you planning to offer drop shipping as well, @kevinatdoers? Would love to make and distribute Product Hunt Kitty Koffee. ๐Ÿ˜ธ
@rrhoover Hey Ryan. The idea is in the works. We've heard a few comments already regarding if we'll contract roast and blind ship to the customer. I think we'll start a small pilot for those that are really interested. Love the idea behind Kitty Koffee ๐Ÿ˜ธ
Thanks Evan for the hunt! Hi PH, my name is Kevin and I'm the founder of and I'm excited to share it with you guys. The idea is simple: custom roast 12oz or 1 lbs of coffee any way you like it. Shipping is free. We're rapidly building out the iOS and Android versions, but using our web platform, you can dial in settings pertaining to the ratio of beans, temperature, duration of roast, and grind setting to complete the roasting profile. That information gets sent to us and we begin roasting. We roast, pack, ship same day (if beans are in stock). We're constantly engaging with the community in improving how we capture the information and of course how we present it as well. The BIGGEST feedback we've gotten was that users will need help understanding the roasting process. I think the educational side of things is exciting and has a lot of potential. We want users to feel confident in what they're choosing, and to back that up, we're working out a plan to offer "roast forgiveness", which we'll eat up the cost and ship you a new roast if you don't like the first one. If you have any feedback on the idea, shoot away! We'd love to talk coffee and we thank you for any feedback!
This sounds awesome. I wish it were available already.
@translatelab Hi Nathan, thanks for the kind words. We're seriously super thrilled to be coming out of closed beta and soon to be shipping out :) Stay tuned!
I thought @ben said no more pre-launch products on the front page .. so how about this ?
@uxdzen @ben The coffee is real, I have a bag in the mail. I think companies that are shipping a physical product to select customers are considered launched.
@gideon_b @skylarHQ the product is definitely real and we've been shipping to private beta. Thanks Gideon for chiming in!