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#3 Product of the DayJune 03, 2017
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Though I doubt anyone *loves* writing documentation, this looks promissing.
@grmmph You'd be surprised. I kinda enjoy it; there's a catharsis in defining things.
@grmmph I enjoy writing documentation but I don't think I could do it full time. Seems promising, this is one of those things that slips through the cracks for a lot of companies.
@grmmph but I do! Though we'll talk again after few months doing it as my main job and we'll see. What I like most is expressing concepts in a way that people can understand. I also love reading well written documentation like Stripe's, which I have never used but keep coming back just to admire how clear it is.
@damenleeturks I like it too. The task is so concrete compared to much of my other work. It's great for balance.
This definitely is needed. Writing good documentation can be critical for apps/services that aren't "intuitive". Any intentions on some ROI metric on quality of documentation that may replace current, poor documentation?
@troychristmas nothing so far; depending on the reception and budgets I plan on trying to analyze those kind of things, but so far only few projects have been submitted.
dope project 🚬🚬 Can you walk me through process?
@dredurr Sure and thanks! First get in touch so we see things like the scope of the project, target audience, budget, etc. Then I get into your project to understand it with what there is available; I might need some help from you here, but I will do my best to understand it without bothering you. At this point I write an outline of the documentation and extras, validate it with you and get to work. Depending on budget/needs/NDAs, I can also test your project with external devs to iterate on it. Finally I polish all the details and make a PR. There are few extras like integration in your build system, landing page, etc.
This is an interesting idea, with lots of potential. Product documentation for internal and external use is important and a real problem. I imagine some significant obstacles like keeping up with the rate of product change, but I'm excited to see how this project comes along.