Document Importer for WP

Import content to WordPress Editor without losing formatting

Hey product hunters, Document Importer, a WordPress plugin, is the fastest, easiest way to import content into WordPress Editor without losing any formatting. It retains all the backlinks, bullet points, images, links, etc. when you import the content saving you a ton of time. This small plugin could significantly save your time while publishing your long posts with multiple images, articles, etc. Would love to answer any question that you may have.
Well, this solves a very hairy problem now. I wish my I had this for my WP clients back in the day. You've done a really nice job explaining the USP and demonstrating the value of the product @SNaimath :)
Is this the same as Wordable from grow and convert? (and why did I pay for that 😂)
If it doesn't import pdf files then its useless, just saying