Document Cyborg

Convert any web page into an editable document.

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Document Cyborg allow you to convert a web page into an editable document. Its extracts the page and convert it to an editable file in the format that you choose. Currently supported formats are PDF, WORD, EPUB, ODT, RTF & TXT.
@kwdinc This is useful. Do you have a chrome extension? Looks like the makers are not here.
@sasajeev @kwdinc not yet any chrome extension, we plan for it in Q4 2016
We have now fixed all the bug that were reported to us and upgraded our parser to a new version thanks to yesterday input. The new version is online from now.
I'll be honest. Without the creator showing their face here, and the product not working for 3/4 sites I tried it on (seemed reasonable to me that it would work), then it finally auto-downloaded a .zip file. I'm not opening this thing to see if it works. Reminds me of trojan-filled .pdf to word converters.
@chadcarleton we apologize if it didn't work we tested on over 100000 url before launching it. There is no trojan insinde it just your document. If you can send us just some domain where it didn't work would be helpful. Thanks.