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Neat and practical. How many doctors do you have signed up / how do they feel about this?
@eriktorenberg Our db has 2.5 million healthcare providers. Not sure how doctors feel about it, but Doctory can only help their practices grow. I'm sure we'll be hearing from doctors soon :)
@semicharmedvic who do you see as competitors in the space? why has this failed in the past + why will you succeed? if no competitors, why haven't people tried?
@eriktorenberg great questions. zocdoc is the main competitor. Previous companies have failed because their business model relies on outside sales doctor recruitment (not enough doctors, not enough markets). We dont rely on recruiting doctors. This is also a high barrier to entry space.
Agreed. I was going to ask what is the difference between the Zocdoc app? Granted it is a little more bulky and not intuitive or fast but the process and network is also pretty extensive. Looks great though! Very high barrier to entry in the space, especially since yall mentioned you guys have 2.5 million providers.
@appetiteforgood Good point Patrick. Can you elaborate on what's not intuitive? Also, The problem with the space is that there are large holes in the markets. Doctors just don't pay to be part of an appointment service. The goal for V1 was to focus on catering to as many markets as possible and filling the holes.
@semicharmedvic Sorry I meant Zocdoc's app was not intuitive
@appetiteforgood Ah. My cofounder (@catperezsays) and I assumed it was about Doctory. Optimizing the signup funnel now so was curious if you ran into a blocker. Please let us know if you do :)
We're live! Let us know if you have any questions.
Also, once a user has his/her doctors and insurance in the app, it should be as simple as a couple of screens or the tap of a 'reschedule' button. We totally appreciate any and / all feedback. Thanks everyone; keep the questions and comments coming!