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DoctorBOT - your companion in emergency!

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@teja_mulagala @nirbhikjangid how its different from google maps? Like can u specify why the user vl talk to ur bot instead he/she can get answer in one line on google maps?
Hi Vishnu, Sure why not. It becomes more convenient when you've a bot curating results for you while having a chat & we've not stopped just at getting hospitals/specialist results. We will be adding more features which google search can't perform. Cheers! @v2s2c @teja_mulagala
@nirbhikjangid @teja_mulagala awesome! Would be looking forward to new features!😊
Sure Vishal! We will keep you posted about the new upcoming updates. @v2s2c @teja_mulagala
I liked the concept. How are you planning to compete with Practo. I see a huge potential lying out there. REALLY looking forward to connect with the team. Would love to share the feedback. Also, I am ready to help. whatever I can do for this not. :) Best wishes team!
@_manishshahi_ Hi Manish, thanks for your supportive response. Connect with me on facebook ( & let's chat.