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When I showed this documentation system to Fittr's developer, his eyes lit up, but the real value in the product is to me--with our previous wiki I could input some basic information--as long as I kept Googling how to do it! Doctant will enable me to quickly leave notes for development and design, and to keep on top of what's going on without constantly bugging the devs verbally. So I know they'll love it, haha.
Danny and I sought out to simplify how documentation (especially technical docs) is created and shared. This is the first iteration. We look forward to feedback from you girls and guys! Example doc:
This is awesome. Right now our team uses an internal version of Slate for API documentation. Wish this was around when we were looking for documentation solutions. Excited to see where you go with this.
@daniel_schwartz @travjones0 Wow! Thanks, Daniel. Let us know if you would like our help migrating docs over.
Interesting product - do you guys support Markdown? I would love to port over some existing API documentation we have.
@mr_ed Thanks for checking it out, Ed! We're currently working on a markdown import for the very near future. If you feel comfortable sending us html or markdown, we can take care of the migration for you. If not, hang tight. info [at] doctant [dot] com
Love the UI and how easy this is to use. Great product!
Will you open source this awesome thing? My company will use it if they can set up on their own server.
@hoandesign To be totally honest, we haven't thought that far ahead yet. Right now we're focused on building an awesome product.