Automate data entry while processing documents ✌️

Docsumo helps operations & accounting teams capture data from unstructured documents such as invoices, purchase orders & forms into structured formats such as CSV, JSON, XML and Excel. Docsumo makes document processing five times faster.
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Rushabh Sheth
Co-Founder of Docsumo
Thank you for hunting us @alexanderisora Hi Hunters & Makers! @rushabh_sheth3 and @bikram_dahal here, co-founders of Docsumo. About 6 months back, we started building Docsumo, a data enty and document workflow automation software, driven by our own pain point of extracting data from invoices for accounting. We were working on document data capture APIs as a consulting project in our previous startup when we realized that we faced the same problem and that there was no good solution in the market that makes it super easy to extract data from documents (PDF/images/scans). Hence, we decided to build Docsumo. Initial features and capabilities include: ✅Capturing data from unknown formats of invoices using neural networks ✅Review & edit tool that allows you to click on any text on the invoice to capture data without manual entry ✅Out of the box API endpoint (accessible via Settings page) & option to download CSV ✅One shot learning to extract data from the same vendor invoices for better accuracy (Review it once and next time the same vendor sends an invoice, the product remembers your previous edits) ✅Simple pay as you go pricing Pricing 50 invoices per month are free. After that, we charge $0.10 per invoice for standard invoices and $0.20 per invoice for capturing custom fields (e.g. shipping codes, warehousing details etc). Please reach out to us at if you are processing more than 2000 invoices/documents per month and need customizations. Upcoming capabilities in V2 include ❇️Ability to customize fields from the frontend ❇️Define templates for recurring documents ❇️Self-train neural network on your dataset ❇️Natively integrate with Quickbooks Thanks for checking out Docsumo! We’d love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve our product. You can follow us here: Facebook
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Alexander Isora 🦄
Founder @ Unicorn Platform.
Good luck guys :) You are building a really useful tool.
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Manish MunikarSoftware engineer (data science)

It's a great tool that has taken us further into automation of document processing. There are many things to improve, but it's going the right path. Very promising!


- Simple, easy, and convenient review interface for manual entry/correction - Impressive AI extraction - Customer support is very responsive


- No integrations with popular accounting tools yet

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Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
This looks really cool. I don't have to process invoices, but if I did.
Paul Shuteyev
Experienced Digital Marketer
@rushabh_sheth3 Automation always helps! How about we publish an interview about Docsumo at StartupRadius? Ping me at if interested!