Docsify is an advanced email tracker for Gmail/G Suite you can use with the whole team without overpayments. It has the best pricing on the market.

Docsify provides email and page-by-page attachment tracking as well as templates and text shortcuts for Gmail

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👋Hey-Hey Product Hunt! First, huge thanks to @Kevin for hunting us.👋 I'm Max and I've been working in Sales for 11 years and I had firsthand experience that a majority of salespeople are unproductive. They are wasting most of their time on non-selling activities, doing the manual job, contacting non-perspective leads. Email is #1 communicational channel in the sales world, but despite this, your emailing might sometimes feel like throwing a coin in a wishing well and hoping your dreams come true. In 99% cases, you only know whether your email was opened and that's all. But who is making right sales decisions based on just email opens in 2k18? :) That's why we created Docsify - tool which dramatically increases productivity and helps teams achieve their revenue goals. Let’s have a look at how Docsify can rock your sales workflow. Since you connect Docsify to your Gmail/Gsuite you get: -Per-recipient Email tracking -Per-page Document tracking (PDF, PPT, Docx etc) -Per-page Website tracking -Per-recipient link and attachment tracking -Lead prioritization -Undo Send -Auto-BCC to CRM -Zapier integration Also, we help you implement all these tracking data in your sales process. You can connect Docsify with your CRM and set up auto actions (e.g. create a task) depending on your recipient's behavior. Secret features: - Set up Facebook/Google retargeting on those who read your documents (proposals, decks, presentations etc) - Integrate you live chat into your documents (intercom, convertfox and others) All our upcoming features you can see here - More about how Docsify works here - We do need your feedback, so pls if you have questions or something to say, leave your comment below. P.S. We Love Product Hunt so we give you special offers: 50% OFF on all annual plans - use promo code - PH50ann 20% OFF on all monthly plans for first 6 months - use promo code - PH20mon P.P.S All codes are available until January, 29
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I recommend using Docsify, it's a great tool and have got one of the best customer support.

I was finally able to replace HubSpot's plug-in with a much powerful platform, Docsify!

Great work guys and keep rocking.


Easy to plug-n-play and a central dashboard to monitor each and every activity. Great UI, UX and the functionality of the platform.


Not a major thing at the moment, but if we could upload contacts and collaborate with a team member, so we don't send duplicate emails.

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Thanks, man! Will do new features :) Waiting for early February, and then will launch new (awesome) features without any bugs :)

Really cool product to score leads: who is more interested in emails I sent. It is much easier to select leads among 100s of recepients, whom I should call first: obviously, those people who engage more with my presentations and docs.

Docsify is a must-have email marketing tools for those who close deals.


Per-page view analytics of attached docs. You always know how to score your leads.


Sometimes it incorrectly identifies "email opens" due to email-tracking-blockers.

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Thank you, Vladimir! It’s awesome to get such a feedback! The common issue of ordinary email open tracking tools is incorrect identifies of "email opens". It happens due to the differences in algorithms used by different email providers and email software. That's why Docsify tracks not only email opens, but everything you emailed to potential clients. It gives you all necessary data to make the best decisions and influence on your sales process. In 2018 - more tracked factors - more sales ;)
Beauty. Love the explainer video. Looking forward for the upcoming "Templates & Analytics", it's much needed!
@shadihalloun Thank you, Shadi! Templates & Analytics will be on early February!
Great product! It can really solve a lot of problems that only waste time in the sales world! Congratulations!
@nina_cvijovic Thanks, Nina! Put our hearts and souls into Docsify to help you :)