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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell ·
I was looking for something like this a few months ago... ended up going with GitBook as a non-technical I found it pretty easy to get it up and running. Looking through some of this stuff looks good but makes me feel like GitBook may be simpler as a non-tech with majority of same features Thoughts?
Peyton Hayslette
Peyton Hayslette@peytonhayslette · Product, Deserve
This will be great for streamlining communication for partner integrations. Also the PH referrer parameter is killing the site.. If anyone wants the usable link:
James Futhey
James Futhey@futhey · Product Design Consultant
Oh wow, this is incredibly underrated. Very solid product in a seemingly-crowded (but very sparse) niche. Congrats!
n8o@n8on8o · I am an App collector
the link at the top of the site do not work, get your 404 error page
André J
André J@eonpilot · Swift dev @
Going to try this one out. Hopefully its easy to use / setup. Recently Ive just used Github wiki, as it has side menu and works over git. 👍