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This is pretty awesome. It lets you view a lot of different file types, right in your browser, without needing the relevant app. e.g : - it lets you view .pages files (great for windows users that might not have pages) - it lets you view .ai/.psd files without having Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop installed full list of supported file types: AI, CSV, DOC, DOCX, DXF, EPS, ODP, ODS, ODT, PAGES, PDF, PPS, PPT, PPTX, PS, PSD, RTF, SXC, SXI, SXW, TIF, TIFF, TTF, WPD, XLS, XLSX, XPS
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@_jacksmith awesome, I will use it. Thanks for sharing
Always smart choice to solve for pain points. Great Product and Super Simple.
@irishisharma Thanks for the review Rishi. I am glad you liked it. :)
Huge value in the compatible formats
This is great! Do you know if it supports multi-page TIFF? Many TIFF viewers only show one image.
funny, i installed it yesterday. the only problem i have with that is that many times you have a "download as csv" button and instead of opening in Google drive it will still download on the desktop (which is to late)
@ourielohayon If I got it right, you are trying to click on the download as csv button or direct link rather than the blue icon. Is that right? Yeah, it opens the file with Google Docs Viewer only when clicked on the blue icon beside links. So as of now, it does not work for JS buttons which are not html links. I am planning to make/integrate a inbuilt viewers for simple text based formats like source codes, JSON, CSS, etc. It should make it feel opening those files like in Chrome's inbuilt PDF viewer. I guess that will solve this problem.
@adeekshith exactly. That would be awesome. All analytics report are provided this way and it would be a huge time saver. Offer an option to download to desktop or open in g docs