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The big idea behind Noplag is to help you automate document workflow and content publishing.
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Nice! I love it!
Hey Product Hunters, Aleks from Noplag is here. 👋 I’m happy to present what we have been working on for the past 8 months👩‍💻! Please meet Noplag - Writing Assistance App 🚀🚀🚀 To give you a little bit of history, Noplag started as a plagiarism checker©️ and we have processed more than 40 million documents. After tons of feedback from our customers and the acceleration program in NY🗽, we pivoted🎢 to become a full-featured Writing Assistance App for Business & Education! 👉Writing Assistance and Document Templates📝 ➡️Create any type of document by using Premade Document Templates (Contracts, Offers, Note Purchase Agreement, Proposals, Business Letter and more..); ➡️Use Noplag Writing Tips & Document Structure Guides to customize and personalize the document; ➡️Create your own, custom document templates and organize them by groups; ➡️Share documents within your organization; 👉Online Editor, Proofreading & Publishing tools ➡️Create a perfect SEO optimized Article by using Writing Assistance Template; ➡️Use Noplag Online Editor for your daily writing tasks or creativities; ➡️Proofread the content with multiple tools: built-in Plagiarism Checker, Grammar & Spell Checker, Semantic & Sentiment text analysis; ➡️Publish the content on multiple platforms with one click! For Education, we have a big separate Academic section with writing assistance templates for students, so they can learn how to write essays from scratch without having to cheat. The work still in progress, this is a soft launch of the pivoted version. We are planning to add 2000+ templates in the next couple of months and finalize all the tools. The big idea behind Noplag is to help you automate document workflow and content publishing™️. Let me know if you have any questions.🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Wow, looks great! Finally I will have a tool for my contract templates!
@artem_fedin Yes, you can create contracts, resume and much more with premade templates!
Great tool! Do you have plagiarism check?
@danil_yasinskiy Yes, Plagiarism Checker comes as one of the built - in tools!
Cool product and very useful!