Convert PDFs and scanned documents into structured data

Docparser boils down business documents to the essentials and moves the extracted data to where it belongs. Say good-bye to manual data entry and automate your business.

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Thanks @evivz for hunting Docparser! This came as a surprise as we just launched the MVP yesterday :-) Docparser is the new little sister of which launched three years ago. Lots of our customer at started using our PDF attachment parsing feature over the last couple of months. So we thought why not launch a product dedicated to document processing. We think automated document processing is something a lot of companies can benefit from. For example extracting data fields from purchase orders and put them into warehouse management system. Or pulling contact details and shipping addresses from order confirmations and automatically adding them to a CRM. Happy to answer your questions!
@mdausinger Email provided for questions on enterprise version is support@team.Docparser Is that correct? Just sent LinkedIn invite. Let's chat.
@ramgangisetty Hi Ram! It's Happy to chat about your PDF parsing needs.
Can it work with unstructured pdfs? I have thousands of PDFs with similar information (Invoice #, Address, Products Purchased, etc.) , but they are in thousands of different formats (i.e. data is never in the same place).
@morrjobs Hi Michael! At this point you need to create one set of parsing rules for each type of document. The idea is to pull data from documents having the same structure. While we are adding more function to handle large sets of varying documents, i'm afraid the product as it is today won't be a good fit for your use-case.
Very cool, indeed. I've poked around with the PDF parser at and am excited to see this is getting standalone treatment. Will test out this weekend. I can't attach a screenshot as intended but "layouts" is misspelled under the business plan on the pricing page.
Thanks @imchrisdavis ! Please let me know if you need any assistance with the setup! And thanks for pointing out the type, I just fixed it :-)
Very Cool!