Dockey makes changing some of the more advanced Dock preferences as easy as clicking a button. With integrated preview, you can see how it would look and feel like and save changes you're happy with the result.

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This is great! Snazzy labs showed a way of doing this in terminal, but adding an interface to do so is so much easier. Thanks Igor.
Hey Hunters 😽 I don't know about you, but I like to tinker with my mac's settings and since the Dock always seemed kinda slow to me, I've tried to make it a bit faster and snappier. The thing is, you can only do that from the Terminal and since not everybody is comfortable with doing things there I thought I would make an app around it and make it easier so even non-technical people can change these settings. The app itself is not something you'll use every day or even regularly, you'll set it up once and forget about it, but it was a fun little project to work on so I hope you'll find it useful 😉 Cheers, Igor ✌️
@curiousigor looks really nice! particularly enjoy the instant and fast option for the doc show :D, thanks for this
You gotta fix your website for sm sizes. Works great on xs, doesn't work so great on sm.
@saifalfalah shit, I was so focused on launching that I totally forgot to check this 😅 Which size/device are you looking it on? Thanks for noticing, will fix! 👊
@saifalfalah @curiousigor Maybe focus on the area between 880px to 465px. Seems to be where your content is flowing off the viewport ;)
@saifalfalah @_rlntlss thanks, will take a look as soon as I can ✌️
This is stupendous for people with more than 1 screen! Dock now pops up the instant I put my mouse on the other screen!
@ryan_haft umm...had to google "stupendous" since I was worried it meant bad 😅
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!! Hopefully windows would soon have it ?
@ayush_chandra thanks 🙏 I haven't been on Windows for quite a while now (other than testing websites and stuff like that), so not sure if people also have the same (delay, speed...) issues with the Windows bar there 🙃
@ayush_chandra Windows? This specifically addresses the dock in macOS. Why would they release this for Windows.
@ayush_chandra @joshuapinter Ayush is the master of the non-sense posts.
@joshuapinter @andreasduess I talk with my mind into whatever I write. I’m an curious guy who wants to change and get all the features which macOS support to see how it works on an Windows. Is it wrong everytime if I write something to increase my productivity on an Windows or keen for some specific app to work on it. I rest my Defence.
@ayush_chandra Dude. 95% of your contribution consist of: "Great job. Does it ship to India?" The other 5% feel like you didn't even take the time to read the original posting. You're adding nothing of value to the conversation.