Meeting collaboration software for meeting agendas and notes

Docket is a meeting-focused workspace for collaborative agenda creation, decision documentation, and action item tracking. We integrate with your favorite meeting tools to make every step of meetings—planning, execution, and follow-up—a seamless experience.
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Hello, I am Darin Brown, CEO of Docket. I wanted to share how excited we are to announce Docket through Product Hunt and share it with so many of you looking for ways to get more organized for your meetings. Docket is built for individuals or teams looking to elevate your meeting game by reducing and eliminating the work it takes to prepare for and run a good meeting. Allowing you to focus and get more done! Docket enhancements are completely customer-driven so we look forward to your thoughts and feedback. Please share with anyone in your network so they too can experience the process improvements Docket can bring.
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Thrilled to see the Docket product launching out of beta today. I've been using the product for months with our teams internally at High Alpha to manage our meetings, agendas, and post-meeting action items. I'm a big fan of the problem they are solving and look forward to seeing the product continue to grow and make our time spent in meetings the most productive time in the day.
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@drewbeechler - Thank you for your early and continued support!
I use Docket for meetings that cross multiple levels of seniority at our organization. It's helpful in getting everyone aligned on the agenda and the to-do's that result. The calendar integration, among other things, provides a ticking clock in the top right corner of the in-meeting view. Reminds us to focus on the conversations that matter most with the limited time available. Product is full of those delightful nuggets.
Thanks @jpatrickgarry! Team alignment is our overall goal - love that you're seeing this benefit.
Our entire marketing team uses Docket and it has changed the way I approach meetings. Truly a product that is fun to use and teaches you good habits.
Thanks @eganmontgomery! We think meetings should be an enjoyable space where real work gets done.