Tinder for grocery lists

#2 Product of the DayApril 13, 2019
You're standing in front of your fridge, staring mindlessly into it. What's missing? What should I buy? Never ask these questions again, use Docket! It's a web app that suggests products, and if you want, you can swipe right to put them in your grocery list
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At one of my IT classes I was extremely bored and saw a tweet by @peterkringdon "Request for product: tinder for building a grocery list" and after searching for datasets and coding for a couple of hours, I made docket. Feedback on it is really appreciated!
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Great idea! One thing - you should make it so that swipe right = "yes" and swipe left = "no". Otherwise anyone who uses Tinder will end up with a list of grocery that they don't want :)
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@brunocrosier that’s true! I am actually not yet old enough to use Tinder, so I completely missed this
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@gbougakov I hadn't seen your age - I am even more impressed now :)
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Nice work, @gbougakov. Are you planning on adding more features? Maybe custom shopping lists?
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@rrhoover Thanks for the idea, will certainly consider adding it. Now it doesn't have a lot of features because I literally made it in three hours on school breaks. BTW, thanks for making Product Hunt 😄
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This is so cool George. Glad you found one of the interesting ideas that featured in my product - #RequestForProduct and shipped it. Love your maker mentality. Wish to see you build more products like this. Keep going buddy 🙌🏻
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Great work @gbougakov... Keep making more amazing things...
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