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Dockbit is a Docker-native continuous delivery platform. Turn complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows, so you can spend less time tinkering and more time creating awesome software.

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Hey, Hunters! I am Tair, Founder and CEO at Dockbit. Thank you @holman for hunting us! After a few months in private beta, we're really excited to open Dockbit for public and launch it on PH. Dockbit turns your software deployments into repeatable, manageable workflows. You can connect dozens of services together and kick off the deployment with a single Slack command. Now your entire team has access to all of Dockbit's features and can start using them completely free, for the duration of the beta. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the product. We need your help to make Dockbit better! Please, jump into a conversation, we're here to answer all your questions. Thanks for checking it out! P.S> Read our blog announcement to learn more why we built it
Looks really user-friendly from the first glance. But it lacks little bit of help pages where would show at least most common examples how to handle docker (just as an example).
@edvinasbartkus Thank you, Edvinas! Frankly, the support for Docker is still in progress and should be released really soon. As soon as we get it out, we will definitely provide examples. Please sign up, so we can notify you when it's ready.
@tair @edvinasbartkus I tried a simple deployment with Elastic Beanstalk. It's great if we have templates for basic deployments and a command area for advanced configuration. I know it's in beta but really appreciate it if you pull things a bit more on documentation front.
@sarat Yep, we are working on the support docs and they should be available soon. In the meanwhile, please follow the context help (tooltips) with instructions, when adding providers to the pipeline. Thank you for testing it out and suggestion!
We've just published our Product Hunt launch follow-up post and what's coming next Thank you all who participated πŸ’œ
I love it! Can i get a demo ? Can I buy ?
Interesting. Pipelines are definitely a missing concept from most major CIaaS's (I'm looking at you Travis and CircleCI). Usually you either have to shoehorn all your steps into a single "deploy" step after tests have run, or you have give up and manage your own Jenkins / GoCD / TeamCity, which is a pain if you're a small team and takes dev time away from building product. @tair I noticed Docker is listed on the supported tools, but couldn't see any actions related to Docker. Is this something you will add? β€” This what I really want from a CI tool. Let me spin up and run arbitrary commands in my own Docker images and give me the ability to spin up dependencies with docker-compose β€” then debugging is a simple as running the thing locally (ie maybe something like but managed and simpler).
@peterellisjones Right, Pipeline is something we put at the heart of Dockbit. It's so much simpler when you can break up your entire delivery into smaller stages, configure and track them independently. By the way, we do support Travis and CircleCI as one of the verification steps, so they can be in the pipeline as well ;) Regarding, Docker. Every stage in a Dockbit Pipeline runs in a separate container with the predefined image, the Actions you choose from the list of integrations. You're right, the actual Docker action isn't there yet, but we are going to release it next. We're still figuring out what's the most usable way to provide support for Docker, Registry and Custom images. Additionally, our short-term goal is to open-source our integrations framework so that you could add your own Dockerfile and a metatada file to let us build the Dockbit UI, the rest will be handled automatically. We will talk more about these features later on our blog. Please sign up and you will get notified when the features you're interested in are released. And thanks a lot for your feedback, good stuff!