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Eric Willis
@erictwillis · Working on something new
It enables you to write content for your sites right in a word processor. Your content will appear identical to the document allowing anyone with access to become a site contributor
Ariel Assaraf
@arielassaraf · Co-founder & CPO - Coralogix
I have a feeling that you guys are going to love this one. @PhilipKushmaro @AmirAsias
Joshua Pinter
@joshuapinter · Product Dev at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Would be great to use the CSS styling of the page it's being embedded into.
Erik Reppel
Love the site!
Simon Lessing
Great concept, but I kind of think that @webflowapp already has nailed this with their visual CMS, though it might be too expensive to work for everyone