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Hey there! My name is Nadav and I am the CEO & co-founder of Docady. We are excited to launch Docady on Product Hunt and welcome your feedback. Docady discovers, organizes, and manages users’ most important documents. Docady captures essential document details, transforms them into actionable items, while enabling seamless/customized sharing. This way, users are ultimately prepared. Have you ever had a close call with an expiring car insurance or even a passport? Have you ever needed to show your ID but forgot your wallet? And perhaps only your spouse knows where that one document might be? We can’t avoid unexpected moments, but with Docady, we can dodge potential frustration. We call these “Docady Moments” – when you find yourself unprepared for a bureaucratic scenario, and our app is the hero. Current key features: - Discovery engine that locates and acquires essential documents from external services (Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail etc.) - Manual upload of documents via phone camera and direct access to external services (Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail etc.) - Family setup for sharing and managing mutual documents - Automated extraction of key data fields - System alerts and notifications of expirations And much more… Docady embodies emerging technologies and user-friendly applications that are intuitive, valuable, and, above all secure. Security is comprised from the highest standards - military, government and bank grade standards. It’s simply core to our corporate culture. Currently we have an iOS version available on the app-store. An Android version is in the works. Would love to hear your feedback!
Congrats! Both UX and parsing tech look great. One key challenge comes to mind - this app requires high up-front investment (giving away privacy/time to link your numerous accounts) but the value is really in the long term. It's hard for us humans to drive action *right now* to prevent a future hypothetical risk. Would I like to have all my docs neatly organized on my phone? Sure. Do I really need to do this now vs chatting on ProductHunt? Not really. I wonder how you guys think about this intention->action gap. Do you see ways to provide immediate incentive and immediate gratification upon signing up?
Thanks for your kind words and thoughtful feedback, @raphaelouzan. You definitely touch on a major challenge we face – I like to see more users move from the “I want it” mindset to “I need it.” The "up-front investment" you referred, in my eyes, is actually a rather small one (1-click authorization). Alternatively, what it takes to stay on top of your essential documents requires a lot more time and effort. In fact, users choose to connect to cloud services, even though it’s optional (users can always add docs manually). Docady is not just a smart secure storage place for your most important things – it also works for you: notifying you when things need your attention, giving a family management perspective and more. We are aware that the value for users increases over time as they add more documents, but we are also seeing many use-cases in which the value is established from accessing even one document in a critical moment (often leading them to add more documents).
@nadav_na I understand your point although the problem is bigger than must-have/nice-to-have. It is that it's a nice-to-have *sometime in the future* vs a must have now. Since currently the key value is experienced sometime in the future ("accessing even one document in a critical moment"), maybe it would worth thinking of immediate value that can result from you parsing/organizing/comparing the doc with your data right after I upon it. The long term potential value is there but I sign up for something I want *right now*. For example: compare my rental deal terms with other users from my neighborhood, things like that.
@raphaelouzan I'd like to point out that probably every backup service has the same problem. I wonder how they overcome it in that market.
Hey @raphaelouzan. you make a good point and indeed, we are are working on some really cool features for those great first-time-experiences...stay tuned :-)
@yoavanaki Yes and that's why they do not measure engagement as the top metric, rather align their business model to passive usage growth, such as storage.
This has saved my life a few times - the fact that everything is in place automatically and it just read my dropbox and I don't have to look for anything is a huge time saver.
Thanks @yosit for the kind words.
Big fan of this concept - I definitely call into the "I need this" category for important paperwork and have had pretty much all the close calls you described. But they are pretty few and far between. @nadav_na in the long term do you envision more frequent or even daily uses cases for phone document search or is the app more for the occasional but high impact essential document needs?
Great question @spressto, thank you! Docady already supports documents for daily need. It’s a matter of habit. Everyday I launch Docady while I grab lunch outside. I may need my credit card, a cafe loyalty card, or simply an ID…it’s all there. With that said, we are looking to our users’ behavior, and their “Docady moments,” to grow the product towards more frequent usage.
I NEED this! Amazing stuff! , thank you @nadav_na
Thanks @kobaiko !