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Violeta Nedkova
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
DoBundle went live yesterday. I think the idea is interesting: making shopping a crowdsourced experience. I signed up and the onboarding process was seamless. You can curate and follow curators to check out products they've selected. Love the design and site navigation. :)
Dina Al-Qaysi
Dina Al-Qaysi@dinaalqaysi · CPO @ DoBundle
Thanks @V4Violetta for the awesome intro. We've built DoBundle with one mission in mind, that is to make every image shoppable. Next time you're browsing Pinterest, tumblr or any other visual platform- and find something awesome, you'll be able to buy it. Whats even more exciting is that for every DoBundle powered Image, we embed a unique code on the image to guarantee that the image, no matter where it's shared, will always lead back to the original publishers' website. We put DoBundle out into the world a few hours ago, We're super excited with all the buzz. Any Feedback would be awesome too! Thanks guys :)
Derek Skaletsky
Derek Skaletsky@dskaletsky · Head of Product, Kissmetrics
I think this is a huge opportunity and the site looks beautiful - definitely feels like a place I want to hang out. One thing on the onboarding though. It's beautifully executed, but I was left saying to myself...What the hell is a bundle? My suggestion would be to primarily focus on this (what is a bundle and how to build my own) in the onboarding. The menu items aren't hard to figure out. The atomic offering/value/activity is what is new and I'd like to know more about that. Otherwise, very interested in digging in more...
Adam Besvinick
Adam Besvinick@besvinick · VC at Anchorage Capital
This looks very similar to a company called PICT (, which was recently acquired by PopSugar / ShopStyle
Dina Al-Qaysi
Dina Al-Qaysi@dinaalqaysi · CPO @ DoBundle
Hi Adam, There are a number of companies trying to solve the same problem. Pict, Stipple, ThingLink and Kiosked are the main ones. DoBundle does things a bit differently. First it's very shopping oriented- you like an image, you get redirected to a customized visual shopping page. We don't rely on meta data tags as much as the others do because the meta data gets lost when images are shared on the web. Instead we encode product information inside the image so that no matter where they're shared, we redirect viewers back to visual shopping page.