Portable Phone Charger: Stay Charged Everywhere You Go

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We're excited to be on Product Hunt. I'm one of the co-founders of Doblet, and I'm happy to answer any questions about how it works.
I was talking a few years ago about the idea that places should promote charging facilities as a way to attract customers. Venues should put slickers like 'wireless' to indicate that charging is available. This could be done with or without Doblet. Thumbs up to Doblet for communicating this to the venues. One thing that I got mixed feedback was this "customer stays longer to recharge means more profit to venues". Customer staying longer means that the new order rate is lower for busy places.
@nikitakorotaev Hi Nikita - yes, we're providing venues with stickers and other physical marketing material to ensure customers know the service exists. As for staying longer to recharge, we do plan to allow Doblet users to pick one up and return it later(within 5 days).
Seems like a massive undertaking that would require a huge inventory and heavy logistics support. Would love to see the business model.
@aldainreid yes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before Doblet reaches its full potential. We gradually be rolling them out in SF. The venue does not have to do much work. It's basically just passing them out to customers who have a low battery, and plugging them back in when they are returned.
If some one can solve the energy problem in portable electronics . This is huge !
@ahaseeba I agree. Thanks, Haseeb!