Emails simplified.

doaway is a simple email recording application which can be used for a variety of use cases. Change your test to a doaway email and you will be inspect all the emails sent.
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Hello again, PH πŸ‘‹, We are super excited to have another product released on PH. πŸ₯ Introducing - β€œan email recording tool”. πŸ₯ Emails are simple and complex, both at a time. We built this tool to simplify all of it down to its core. Just send an email to `{anything}`, wait for 5-10 seconds and then hit this URL `{anything}/1` to see the magic unfold. For example, send an email to and then hit https://testbox-email.herokuapp.... It's that easy!! Want to protect your personal email while signing up at a website? Use doaway. Want to write automated UI tests for application sending mails? Use doaway to write better automated tests for emails with much lesser code with doaway. Want to check the deliverability of your email newsletter? Use doaway APIs to check the spam score of your email template and protect your IP reputation. These are the couple of use cases we could think of while writing this application. We're excited to see for what and how do you use doaway? Be sure to check out our API documentation to know more and let us know how do you feel about it? Use it and show us some love with hugs or bugs. Cheers 🀟🏻 - Gaurav