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When I clicked on the Apple App store button, I got a "Coming soon" message. I wouldn't really have the App Store badge there if the app isn't available to iOS users...just saying.
@ios_javi I whole heartedly agree!
@ios_javi Hello Javi, sorry the late response. Actually we are getting lot of inquiries about the ios app, hence decided to add the button there to let the users that ios app is coming soon. I guess we have to think about it again. Thanks for your suggestion :)
Hello Everyone, This is Sai from Team Doaide. As the tag line says , we want to help you "Do better than yesterday". The first step we implemented for this is Data Tracking because we at Doaide believe "How it went decides How it has to go". With different types of todos in Doaide, you can track how you are doing. Please share your thoughts Thanks Sainath Kotha
Hey @saniath_kotha, congratulation on launch! Market of todo is already saturated, What 'Plus' Doaide offers?
@chandan_im @saniath_kotha Hello Chandan, Our goal is very large from being just another todo app. But to reach our goal we need to pass through the phase "Todo app". In future this is going to be Aide (Personal Assistant instead of Todo app) where the app is going to guide / suggest what we have to do instead of just reminding and sharing the todos. As of now, the following are something that makes the app standout from the crowd. 1. Timeline :- Each day divided into 5 sessions, 24 hours and further into minutes to give you clear idea on how your day is going to be. 2. Data Tracking:- With this feature, along with reminders, you can track how you are doing a task. Lets take an example. "Drink Water daily" this is the most common todo many users use. In all other todo apps, you can set Reminders to remind you Daily. But after one month, if you want to see how your task "Drink water daily" is progressing and How much water you are drinking ? This is not possible with any other todo apps. But with Doaide, you can do this. You can see the data in detail with graphs and different filters. This data will always give you the change to improve and Do better than how you are doing. "How it went decides How it has to go". 3, Different Views:- This views concept is to help different people to access as Doaide Different. If you just want Doaide as a replacement of your Note book with Reminders you can use "Simple View". If you want to access the features like calander, timeline etc you can use "Medium View". If you want to access all the features of Doaide, you can use "Advanced View". And there are more exciting features coming soon. Finally after using Doaide, you won't feel like just another todo app, but you will feel it The first of its kind. Thanks Sainath Kotha
@sainath_kotha Just tried it, really awesome, specially Timeline feature :) Also felt Doaide is different :) Good luck!
@chandan_im Thats great to know. If possible please review Doaide in playstore.
@sainath_kotha Any update on the iOS version?
When will the iOS app be launched? @sainath_kotha
@nathan_turner Hello Nathan, the work is going on. The plan is to get the app ready by July :)