Do You Talk Funny

7 Comedy habits to become a better public speaker

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    Got some great ideas for speeches using more humour



    Read the book over a month ago and got some simple tips to bring more humour into speeches which I received some good feedback on

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Justin Mares@jwmares · Co-author, Traction Book
This book was huge for me as I started giving more talks. By far the best book on public speaking I've read.
David NihillMaker@funnybizzsf · Founder, FunnyBizz
Thanks @jwmares. Nobody is more disappointed than me for writing a book on such an exciting topic as public speaking but at least it's a lot more entertaining then any others on the topic :). Trust me, tragically in researching this one I read them all :)
Matt EllsworthHunterPro@mattellsworth · Now =>, Ex-500 Startups
My man Dave just published an AWESOME new edition to his book. It's pretty much an entirely new book. I recommend this book to anyone that does any type of public speaking.
David NihillMaker@funnybizzsf · Founder, FunnyBizz
Thanks @mattellsworth for the kind words! This one is indeed new and the first published work based on the info I self published and built upon from last year.
Tam Pham@mrtampham · Community at Mixergy
This book made me funnier, I absolutely loved it.
David NihillMaker@funnybizzsf · Founder, FunnyBizz
Thanks @mrtampham! Your jokes were pretty funny to begin with thankfully!
Max Altschuler@maxalts · CEO, Sales Hacker Inc
Completely changed my public speaking game. Especially as a conference host.
David NihillMaker@funnybizzsf · Founder, FunnyBizz
You crush it every time anyway :) @maxalts
David Spinks@davidspinks · CEO, CMX Media
Loved this book. I read it during a time that I was developing a couple different talks, and I was constantly closing the book to go back to my presentations and make edits. The tips are really simple but they worked for a lot of laughs at my next speaking gig. Highly recommend this quick read for anyone looking to bring more humor into their speaking but isn't sure where to start.
David NihillMaker@funnybizzsf · Founder, FunnyBizz
@davidspinks Thanks David and great to hear!