Do Personal Meeting Insights

Stats about your meetings and time spent at work every week!

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We're super excited to unveil Do Insights today ( If you have ever wondered how you spend your time every week and wish you could get some more useful data out of your calendar, that's what Do Insights helps you with. # of meetings, time spent, 1:1s, % recurring meetings compared to new ones, who you met with ... you name it! Check it out and let us know what you think - we love feedback :)
I've tried the product and it's fantastic. Time is money and meetings can be a drain on both if they're not managed well. Do helps people stay on task and ensures follow ups are tracked.
@ethan_anderson Thanks a bunch Ethan! With all the time we save in meetings, we book haircuts and massages on MyTime ;) (For real - cc: @blainsadler)
@chikodi Thanks Chikodi! Jason Yosesh Shah is my twin brother ;)
This looks super interesting! Nice work! How do you see yourself taking the app forward? General "personal business intelligence", more calendaring/scheduling (ala YouCanBookMe/Sunrise), or something else entirely?
@mallyvai Hi Vaibhav! Our core Do ( product is focused on meeting productivity. Insights is an extension of that to begin to provide some data-driven feedback to our community on whether they're spending time well and how to be more and more productive. The core product lets you take notes, track followups, and more. Check it out at /
Love it! Would be cool to see how my stats compare to the company and/or industry average.
@sammieerin Absolutely. Benchmarks coming soon!