Do Not Touch Your Face

Teach yourself not to touch your face

#5 Product of the DayMarch 06, 2020
Do Not Touch Your Face is a tool that teaches you to avoid touching your face using your webcam.
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7 Reviews4.3/5
?makers Nicely done, works well! Would be cool to have some sort of a scoring system. People who touch their face the least win.
@leandro8209 and a "friends" list with a leaderboard ... or for a team at the office to see who wins at the end of the day!
Haha Nice Though it started to just say NO NO NO ... NO ... NO NO NO even when I had my hands on my lap NO ... NO NO ... NO NO KO NO NO NO ... NO and I began to laugh Then uncontrollable laughter Then such uncontrollable laughter UNTIL was crying with laughter And my face was hurting from laughing And then I rubbed my eyes to wipe the tears And it said NO NO NO I do like this Best one off laugh-till-your-face-hurts tool and well done for the fast entry during a health crisis ... BRAVO Don't Touch Your Face. Well done 🙂
@ranjit_ghoshal hahaha you make me laugh again
Very nice!
Hard core nail biter here. Thank you for this!
@justincadelago works well for nose picking, too, I've found... through, uh, a friend
Where's the automated face-toucher???