Do less but better

A self-reflection tool for your life

"Less but better" is an app that helps you improve yourself in different parts of your life. Capture the headline in your life and go after it. Say no to everything else!
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Hi ProductHunt 👋 I'm always aspiring to improve myself, whether it is in my career or my private life. But I had a hard time to hold myself accountable for my goals. That's why I built a convenient tool to track and improve your personal development. How does it work? 1. Write a review about every area of your life 2. Write a preview with concrete action items and measurable goals 3. Get an email after 90 days to start your next self-reflection What problems does it solve? ⭕ We set goals at the beginning of a new calendar or birth year, but always struggle to achieve them. ⭕ After setting goals, we rarely review or reflect back on them. ⭕ When we set goals, we focus mostly on business or fitness goals but are neglecting other areas of life like relationship, friends or possessions. ⭕ We often don't define concrete action items and measurable outcomes. ⭕ There is no active community to discuss self-improvement methodologies . What are the benefits? ✔️Doing a self-reflection every 90 days results in a positive feedback loop. ✔️ Focus on the truly important things. Set specific and measurable improvements in certain areas of life. Do less but better. ✔️ Get regularly reminded of your goals, including tips for this specific area of life. ✔️ Join a community of self-improvers. We share helpful and civil ideas, tips, and advice on how others can improve themselves. ✔️ Access to a compiled list of proven methodologies to improve yourself. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Adrian
Excellent idea, and thanks for creating this. It seems to be in its early stages though. Privacy Policy, being one of the more important aspect of websites like these is missing. I understand that you plan on making your product open source soon, but in the meantime I recommend clarifying (in a separate page) how the data is being handled.
@footer Thank you for your feedback. You're right, it's an early prototype to validate if there is someone who would actually use it. I will add the data privacy clarification to my feature backlog.
@krebs_adrian I will sign up soon and will provide product feedback if you like. Who are you targetting exactly?
@footer the target audience for this product are people who want to improve any aspects of their lives, from motivation and procrastination, to social skills and fitness, and everything in between. I would love to build a community of self-improvers helping each other.

Can't wait to start!


Looks great!! Finally, something unique to improve your life and habits! Love it😀


Well, just noticed that when I went to submit my email to enter the Slack channel, nothing happens....I'm sure it's a quick & easy fix!!

Thanks! The email submission bug for the slack channel seems strange. Which browser did you use? Will fix it asap