Do I need the umbrella?

App to remind you to bring an umbrella or sunglasses

#5 Product of the DayOctober 12, 2019
Tells you what clothing item you should take with you every day based on the forcasted weather for the day.
Never leave your house unprotected again!
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Not an Apple Watch user, but it looks like a cool idea!
I love this, I often have these items in my trunk, but forget to bring them with me, only to regret that later - so a reminder would be amazing.
Awesome! How about a complication ?
@jonathanfh It does have a complication :)
@dragos_dobrean the complication does not seem to work on my watch. It just shows -- ... anything I should do ?
@jonathanfh hmm thats, odd try reading it, we'll look into it
@dragos_dobrean Feel free to reach out directly if you need more info