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We are thrilled to launch Do for Mac today. It joins the family of on the web, Do on Apple Watch on your wrist, and Do for iPhone and iPad when your laptop is just too heavy :) Today we also announced we're now running more than 100k meetings every month across these platforms throughout more than 10k companies ( - woot! -- Download: -- Learn More:, -- Blog Post: Do for Mac has all the aspects of that our community already loves: set agendas, take notes, track followups...and, most importantly, have less / shorter / more productive meetings so you can go do work you love! For the PH community, we also think we're part of a larger trend Ryan Lawler ( and others have called out in recent years: The Return of the Desktop Productivity App. We tend to agree - it's not so much about being mobile, or web, or anything -- it's just about being ubiquitous. People have things to do and they want to do them wherever, whenever. We'll be hanging out on Product Hunt throughout the day. Let us know if you have any questions about Do, Do for Mac, or our take on the future of work!
Congrats Jason! Nice addition to your app lineup. Love the Office 365 sign-in support in Do ;)
@loungeflyz Thanks Chris :)
It looks nice.
Awesome work, Jason and team. Looking forward to giving it a spin.
This looks great. Any plans to add Apple Calendar integration?
@vcolinau Yep 100% For the makers, as you may be able to tell, Do for Mac is largely a wrapper of our web app but it is indeed a native app. We did this to be able to do things like integrate more seamlessly with native calendars like iCloud and leverage other native functionality, like useful, contextual notifications - not to mention all the other great stuff w/ the launch of El Capitan today and future OS X updates. More to say about it, but in short, yes, 100%, expect iCloud calendar integration and deeper and deeper native ties into iCloud into OS X as an operating system.