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Engagement & wedding rings that help solve the water crisis

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Hey Everyone - thanks for checking us out! Do Amore was born out of two personal needs: 1) I wanted to get engaged, but couldn’t bring myself to buy an engagement ring because I was so frustrated that something so meaningful which was supposed symbolize love came with questions of ethics. 2) At the time, I was stationed on a drilling rig in Louisiana drilling oil wells. Just after a few hours of drilling we would hit water, but we would drill for weeks to strike oil. After seeing this several times, I decided I was done. I couldn’t drill any more oil wells knowing about the world’s water crisis, and how easy it would be to help. That’s when it hit me. There’s nothing more meaningful in the world than helping someone in need, and I decided that when I proposed, I would do so with an ethically crafted ring that gave a person in a developing country access to clean water. With my proposal, Do Amore was born. We are the first social-impact company to show customers their actual impact. To see this in action, go to the bottom of our impact page ( and type in 5011 for the order number (this is my wife and my order number for our wedding rings). Every customer who purchases from us will get this info (GPS coordinates of the water well they built, and a picture/video of the actual water well). I would love feedback and questions! Thank you!
@khimmatramka Congrats Krish! I haven't been on Product Hunt in quite some time, finally decided to see what's new today and to my surprise you were hunted! I remember chatting with you last year. Glad to see things are still looking up for you. The new design you have is amazing. 10x better than the original! Good work and congrats again.
@cmwilson15 wow thanks so much! That's awesome. Appreciate the kind words man.
I hunted Do Amore because I love their ROC (return on community). Do Amore is a wedding ring startup, and every ring gives a person in a developing country access to clean drinking water. Besides this substantial impact, the rings are ethically made from recycled precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds, and even the ring box is made from wood.
@writerpollock Thank you for hunting us Tristan!
Wow !! its good. so you ship in india also ?
@aroonuidesigner Thank you Aroon! We currently ship to 10 countries, but not India. We do plan to add India in the future! =) Thanks for asking!
Amazing idea! I wish you would exist when I got engaged :-) BTW sent you a Twitter DM
@alex_flom Thanks Alex! Well congratulations on the engagement! =)
@khimmatramka I love the mission behind this! Can you share a bit more on the questionable ethics behind traditional engagement ring manufacturing? It's implied both here and in your site copy, but never really spelled out.
@johncschuster You're absolutely right - we don't talk about the questionable ethics much, and instead emphasize how we're ethical. We wanted to be positive instead of negative, but maybe we should talk about that more so that consumers know somewhere on the site. Thanks for that feedback! Sorry in advance for a relatively long answer: Regarding precious metals: Mining for gold is a very destructive process. Many times, it contaminates drinking water, and displaces indigenous communities. 70% of gold production is for jewelry. When you refine gold back to it's purest form, there is NO difference between new gold and recycled gold. That's why we use recycled gold and recycled precious metals. If you're interested, you can read more here: http://nodirtygold.earthworksact... Regarding ethically sourced gemstones/diamonds: We have all seen Blood Diamond. Saying that, I do not want to give the impression that if you don't buy a diamond from us then are buying a blood diamond. There are measures in place to protect all diamonds brought into the USA from this (like the Kimberly Process). However we don't believe it's enough. As one example, when we were in beta, Zimbabwe diamonds were not banned in the Kimberly Process. Zimbabwe diamonds are indeed so far from being "conflict-free" and hundreds have been massacred for these diamonds. So we are very careful to not ever buy Zimbabwe diamonds. Our diamonds are primarily sourced from mines in Canada and Botswana, followed by Namibia & South Africa. Also, for a lot of jewelers, diamonds are only main stone they offer. We love diamonds, but there are so many other options like sapphires. And then there are some amazing lab created options like moissanite, lab created diamonds and lab created sapphires (which are among the most eco friendly center stone options). We display these right up front in hopes that consumers look at them and consider using them instead of just assuming a diamond is the only option. Hopefully this gives some insight. Happy to chat more and in more detail!
@khimmatramka thank you for your thoughtful response! I'm certainly a fan of keeping it positive over negative, but I'm sure a balance can be found while educating your market. For what it's worth, I absolutely love what your doing! If Do Amore was around before I got married, buying from you would have been a no-brainer. I'll spread the word for sure. Thanks!
@johncschuster thanks so much. And definitely appreciate that very helpful feedback. Thank you John!!