Do 2.0 for iPhone and iPad

Do ( helps people run productive meetings - on mobile

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A week of big launches! Do 2.0 is our first major step into automated productivity - making it easier to manage your meetings on the go with quick actions like one tap to confirm a meeting or a tap to schedule a followup meeting linked to a meeting today. Here's what Do 2.0 is all about: • Meeting Quick Actions: email participants, schedule followups, take meeting notes • Card-style meeting timeline w/ real-time stats about your day, including how many meetings and free time you have left in the work day • Improved iOS8 compatibility with local calendars, including using iCloud calendars in Do for work productivity • Improved time-saving notifications for iOS8, including a daily noon message about your progress through the work day that can be managed from the lock-screen Read: Install: Looking forward to your feedback! We'll be answering Q's here on Product Hunt all day. Here's a GIF, well, just because...
Thanks Carlos! Just wait till it starts saving you time before, during, and after meetings :) All about the team @pacarole @amahanti @tinaz03 @lefranksf @samir_javer
Really nicely done — been using it to structure some of our meetings and it fits nicely into my workflow. Feature request: ability to associate multiple email addresses with my account.
Looks cool! Our product team at JibJab has been slowly integrating WorkLife ( to try to improve our meetings but I'll give this a spin. One downside of WorkLife is it's purely desktop based right now which this is obviously not.