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Jason Shah
Jason ShahMaker@jasonyogeshshah · Product Person
I was a Yammer PM. is the meetings platform I wished I had.
Théo Blochet
Théo Blochet@theoblochet · Product Guy. Currently @GetQonto
I tried @meetinghero, but this seems slightly more advanced. Not sure which will stick in the end.
Rob Isaacs
Rob Isaacs@isaacsrda · Founder, &us
@jasonyogeshshah just signed up and tried it. i think i like the concept, & i think this could be awesome. that being said, at the moment i'm a bit overwhelmed. how does it work? when i write meeting goals does it edit my calendar? can i get it to integrate with evernote? love to know more - looks like a sweet product in the making.
Jason Shah
Jason ShahMaker@jasonyogeshshah · Product Person
@isaacsrda Hey Rob! Thanks for the note. We would love to improve Do so that you don't feel overwhelmed. You just sign in, see all of your meetings, and each one has an organized + collaborative canvas for the meeting. From there, prep for the meeting, keep it running productively during the meeting, and leverage the record of that meeting afterward. Everything is shared automatically except the Private Notes section. It doesn't edit your calendar beyond placing the link in the calendar for easy access. As for Evernote, we have a Do + Evernote integration that lets you - in one place - collaborate with people during a meeting + take your own private notes...and have it all integrated with Evernote. Here's some more info on the Do + Evernote integration... Thanks for all the kind words about Do. Let me know if you have any other thoughts - here or over email,