DNSimple Slack App

Register and manage domains directly from your Slack channel

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We thought it would be hilarious to make it a breeze to register random domains. We initially thought of an iWatch app where you would shake your fist to register domains... but we settled for a pretty neat Slack App instead. Either to troll your coworkers or to get some work done, we hope the app will become your weapon of choice in your team's Slack channel. FYI, we also bundled *useful* commands that let DNSimple customers manage their account from Slack. ;) Here's the full announcement (along with the back story on this randomness): https://blog.dnsimple.com/2016/0...
Love the illustrations on the landing page ha
funny. years ago i built the exact same thing via twitter :)
Nice one! I could potentially send clients your way than..
@techaggregator ooooh...that's exciting! 😍
interesting idea --- really unique use of slack