Dnote for Chrome

Capture your learning instantly within a browser

Dnote Browser Extension is a tool to capture your everyday learnings instantly without a distraction. It sends you a weekly digest email to help you actually remember what you learn.

It supports Chrome and Firefox.

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Sung Won Cho
Hi, I made a browser extension to write down what I am learning every day while programming or browsing the web. It is useful because we rapidly forget what we learn unless we revisit our lessons. Dnote browser extension allows us to capture what we learn without leaving the browser or getting distracted, and sends weekly digests of those lessons. It is an open source software under MIT license and integrates with Dnote CLI which I wrote one year ago. I think the effortless spaced-out repetition Dnote brings to users has a far-reaching implication beyond the realm of programming, and therefore decided to make this cross browser extension. I hope this tool helps learners of all kinds out there.
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Nice work sung.