Instantly capture your coding wisom

Dnote is a home for your engineering microlessons.

It allows you to capture what you learn while coding without having to switch context, and reinforce the learning through email digest.

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Hi. I made Dnote last year because even though I learn many things every day while coding, I forget most of them. The reason is that (1) I don't write them down (2) I don't revisit what I write down. Dnote is a command line interface to keep track of my engineering microlessons with minimal friction, without leaving the command line. For the past ten months, many developers and I have integrated it to our workflow since I shared Dnote on Hacker News. It is a free software under MIT license. On top of it, I made a paid add-on called Dnote Cloud that allows users to backup and sync Dnote across multiple devices and receive email digest to reinforce their lessons. I hope this tool helps more developers out there.
@mikeswcho 👌🏻 Great Idea! Seems quick and simple but extremely useful to remember more and accelerate the learning process.
Love the concept of this! Learning by writing it down + reinforcement at a later date. I used to try to do this by hand... I'd have a separate notebook to write down things I learned, was confused about, or wanted to remember. Eventually, I switched to Emacs org mode and created reminders exactly based on the "typical forgetting" chart you showed (https://sung.io/making-dnote) 🤓🤓 Org mode is great for personal use but not so great for sharing and collaboration, which makes me wonder -- are you planning to let users share, collaborate, or subscribe to other people's notes? Because that would be insanely helpful. Right now, we hacked a way to sync our team's org files so they're like one big google doc but it can be quite slow and sometimes breaks.
@sabrina_atienza never knew about org mode in emacs. thanks. As per the article, I want to make a way to peek into other people's notes to see what they are learning. As for sharing and collaborating on notes, I think such feature makes an interesting use case for tech teams that want to invest in employee's learning.
Great job !! 😊