Schedule Do Not Disturb from your Mac's menu bar

Ever wanted to get more focused work done?

Do you find turning Do Not Disturb on annoying?

Do you turn Do Not Disturb on, but forget to turn it off?

With DND Me you can activate Do Not Disturb for a few hours and work distraction free!

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Hey, Makers! I found myself wanting a few hours of focus work, but turning DND on and off requires too many steps, so I wouldn't really do it. And when I did, I usually forgot to turn it off until the next day, when the system does it automatically. And that's how DND Me came to be. Hope you'll like it!
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@rolandleth hey I really like this. Regardless of what others have said, you've created a great product to simplify the scheduling which is what I think is the power behind it. It's also nice to have a more specific indicator that you have notifications turned off. As a user, it'd be nice to have a "custom" option. Sometimes I just want DND on/off for 10 to 20 minutes while I record a screencast. I often forget to manually turn it back on, and miss important notifications.
@gregstone14 Hey, happy to hear you like it! I thought of a custom time setting and it’s still in the plan, I just don’t know when I’ll get to it. I wanted it to be as simple as possible, maybe add a 30 min option, as that’d be super easy.
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@rolandleth a 30 minute options would be on par👌
@gregstone14 Keep an eye out for the next version 💪🏻
You can also turn on DND by option-clicking the Notifications icon in the menu bar.
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@zacwest Yupp, I didn't know that 🙈 Scheduling is still not easy to do, though.
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Why install an app when you can option-click on Notification Center icon in the menu bar to frictionlessly toggle DND? (I get that this app offers fine-grained control of duration of DND, but still.) The iconography is wrong – the “crossed bell” icon means “silent” or “sound off” on all Apple platforms.





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Thanks for the feedback! I had no idea you can option-click the NC icon 🙃 For me, the major advantage is the setting of the duration, especially if you usually forget to disable it (as I do). I specifically chose this icon since I think it's more recognizable than the moon. Generally, the icon can also mean "Notifications off", representing "do not disturb me", the app's name. But you're right, the moon would've been a "correct" choice.
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Is there any demo/trial available?
@bms8197 Initially there was none, because what’s in the screenshots is all the app does: click “x hours”, DND gets activated, DND Me deactivates it after x hours. But I activated a 7-day trial just now. Hopefully it works properly, as I haven’t tested it and I’m not home right now. Let me know how it goes!
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@rolandleth No ideea how to get the app since it requires to buy in order to download.... So I don't really see how that trial works ;)
@bms8197 Oops. There’s a direct download link now.
Would love a custom option as well. Let me choose for how long I don't want to be disturbed... Also would love a pomodoro option. Turn DND for 25 minutes at a time. I can't stay one hour without checking stuff, etc