The multi-platinum band, DNCE debuts their first mobile game

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Hey everyone - Kevin Jonas here! Excited to announce our new venture, Philymack Games, with the launch of DNCE The Game! My team and I partnered with Philymack and the band, DNCE and have been working diligently for months to build a fun, entertaining game we hope you all love. DNCE The Game is our first celebrity-driven title with many more in the pipeline. The game consists of an Angry Birds-style "pull and shoot" as you jump from balloon to balloon achieving new heights while collecting stars along the way. I'm extremely excited that this game allows for everyone to connect with the band in a new way and introduces a whole new group of people to the band and their music. Please let me know what you think. I'll be around all day fielding questions. Enjoy!
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@kevinjonas nice job, bud! I'd love to see more music groups get involved this way.
@kevinjonas hey man. Congrats. Any thoughts on putting this on Android?
@kevinjonas What developement house did you work with?
Thank you for releasing this on a Thursday evening and not on a Monday. This game is extremely addictive and awesome. Congratulations Kevin and the rest of your team!
@kevinjonas interested to hear a little more about Philymack games! Congratulations on your first launch!
Congrats! Love what you do from Rise to Yood and now this.
I loved it Kevin,that's an amazing idea. Thank you. That's great. You should have done this Jobros times . But that's still ok. I love DNCE as well. ❤👍👏😊