DJI Phantom2 Vision+

Drone that shoots stabilized 1080p

#4 Product of the DayApril 07, 2014
After you saw official videos, see @Scobleizer‎ flying it:
The geek in me ended up on the order page hovering the "buy" button... but my brain said no: when will I ever use it!
Saw this on @scobleizer's feed last night. My buddy @staringispolite has a friend working on something similar. cc'ing drone enthusiast, @maccaw. :)
@yvoschaap you should talk to @kosvke. He's building a rental marketplace that sounds like it solves exactly your problem :)
@kosvke I'd be interested to know how you are thinking of dealing with drone damage? This seems like it could be a bit of an issue as these are liable to crashing into things particularly with inexperienced fliers that are (more?) likely to be renting...